Portrait Gift Vouchers

Pet and Family Portraits Gift Vouchers

Want to treat a family member or friend for a Birthday or Christmas?

If you are running out time for that special occasion, or you are unable to obtain photos without spoiling the surprise, then gift vouchers could be the perfect option for you.

Vaucher olgasgraphics.com

To obtain a Gift Voucher, simply send me an email requesting a gift certificate, your address and the amount you wish to give, this will then be sent out in the post direct to yourself, or to whom you chose. Gift vouchers can be purchased for any value and as soon as we receive your order we will contact you to confirm. Each voucher will include a unique reference number and other identifiers for each individual so I can track the order.

The recipient must contact us as soon as possible to arrange their portrait so we can add them to our client list. Clients can also add to the value of their voucher for a portrait of any size/medium/frame/subject etc.

As you know you can order any subject any size any medium. If you require a frame with your order, be aware that there will be an extra charge. Most people like to mount and frame their own paintings but when requested we can easily accommodate for an extra charge.

Bespoke gift voucher

Also I have professionally printed cards with my artwork on to give as gift vouchers, or I can create a bespoke gift voucher which can include photos of your pets/animals/subject, also messages from friends and family, a message from myself (if you would like). It can be applied to any event or occasion that you require.


Hi Dad! Happy Birthday!

We decided to buy you a Pet Portrait of Dodge for your birthday present as we know that you love him so much. Olga’s Graphics will be painting him for you.

Love from All of Us.

Vaucher Pets2-2-2

For more information don’t hesitate to email me at any time info@olgasgraphics.com

Voucher Terms and Conditions

Please keep the voucher in a safe place.

Once this voucher expires it cannot be redeemed or re-issued. The expiry date is one year from the date of issue.

This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and no change will be given.