About Olga

Inspiration and Education


Olga Lomax is a British Fine contemporary artist, works in a several genres from traditional to contemporary modern art.

“I like experimenting with the styles and techniques that helping discover a lot of different facets of the emotion and feeling through the graphic and colours that giving myself creative approach, achieving balance of accuracy, spontaneity and speed. I try to be free with my expression and I find my inspiration by traveling and visiting a lot of different places, cultures and meeting an interesting people from all over the world. I like to paint emotions and mood through my art, which truly connect with the other people”.

Olga’s work truly reflected her own vision of the form, conceptualization of the beauty of the world. Her painting is a form of expression that allows bearing her soul in visual language. This requires courage, honesty and determination.

Her ability to reach a harmonic balance of colour and form make us work at understanding and interpreting our own personal response.

Olga was commissioned to create a range of illustrations for books, using different styles and themes, for Publishing Alexander Eshko Ltd in Ukraine (work was published 1996 – 1998). She worked for a French animation studio, as a conceptual artist creating cartoon backgrounds using digital techniques for television. Gradually Olga built up the commission side of her work by painting portraits, landscapes and still life, exhibiting them at various venues. These were produced using a variety of media, including oils, watercolours, pastels, dry brush and other techniques. 

In 2003 Olga worked in Manchester and Leeds as a 2D-3D visualiser -designer for the second largest architectural company in the UK. She has good knowledge of traditional and digital art skills, industrial design, graphical design, architecture, art and culture. Also she has participated in lots of exhibitions, displaying landscapes and cityscapes of England. She said: “English scenery inspires me greatly!”

Her original works are well traveled, and are now displayed in private collections in Holland, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and here in the UK. Also she continues to take commissions for portrait work and is teaching portrait drawing and watercolour classes for different levels at various colleges. Olga is currently holding art workshops, which provides a number of opportunities for people in their local community.

Solo and group exhibitions:
– “Group of 14th” at Saddleworh Art Gallery and Museum 2019 (23Mar-22Apr).
– International JdeP Exhibition in Tournon, France 2018
– Saddleworth Art Gallery and Museum Uppermill. “Winter exhibition” (7Dec 2017-14Jan) 2018
– “The Oldham Open 2017” at Oldham Art Gallery and Museum (23 Sep–18 Nov 2017)
– “Stockport Open Exhibition 2017” at Stockport Art Gallery. (23rd July to 2nd Sep).
– “SGA Spring Exhibition”, Millgate Arts Centre, Delph. April, 2017
– “Saddleworth in Summer” at Millgate Arts Centre-Delph. 2016
– Annual exhibitions  at Saddleworth Gallery and Museum Uppermill 2016
– SGA Spring Exhibition Millgate Arts Centre, Delph 2016
– “Buy Art Fair and The Manchester Contemporary” Old Granada Studios with Masa Gallery 2015
– Annual exhibitions at Bury Art Gallery & Museum  2014
– Optimum Fine Art, Essex, UK  2014
– 50th Anniversary Exhibition at Colin Jellicoe Gallery, Manchester 2014
– SGA Spring Exhibition Millgate Arts Centre, Delph
– Sunnyhurst Wood , Darven   2014
– International J de P Exhibition in Tournon, France 2013
– Python festival of the Art 2013
-International Art Festival 2012

Olgas Exhibition in Wensley Gallery 2012